Get to know the main monuments of Madrid and the most symbolic corners with our specialized tour guides. We always recommend that you take the Cat’s Hostel Madrid City Tour in order to meet the others from MAD Hostel and Cat’s Hostel (to which you have access when you stay at MAD Hostel).




Do you know what a Pub Crawl is? It’s a nocturnal tour of the bars where you can have fun with other travellers and the locals, having drinks from one bar to another.

Our offer is: 2 beers of Spanish sangria in the meeting point bar, Cat’s Cave, plus 2 bars and a club. VIP Access and shots all along the way.




This summer we thought that it would be really good to have our own beach terrace right in the middle of Madrid with views of the center… and we decided to build it on our rooftop. With an area for a Cocktail Bar and the Solarium, a visit to the Terrace Bar is inevitable when there is good weather.




Do you want to learn how to dance Salsa in order to socialize in a fun way or so that you and your partner have something else to tell others about your visit to Madrid? Come to our Salsa classes to learn some steps that maybe won’t make you the best dancer in the world but at least we’ll guarantee you that you’ll have fun with the other guests from our hostels.


TAPAS (12€)


If you’ve come to Madrid and you leave without eating tapas, you haven’t really visited Madrid. Going out for tapas isn’t just going out to eat, it’s a style of socializing that is done throughout all of Spain. It is having small sandwiches with your favorite drink and letting an exciting conversation flow.

Don’t leave Madrid without going out for tapas; you will eat well, have fun with other guests and it will be a new experience. Know the origin of the word Tapas.




Have you ever wondered how they make good paella? Have you seen on the tv or on YouTube but you would like to see it in person? Cooking a good paella is an arte and  it Is some that the our guests have always liked seeing. Therefore, our Paella Cooking Show is a favorite regular event for all. We clearly see the fact that our guests continue to be more interested in eating the paella than in cooking paella… therefore we will also serve it after the show.




It doesn’t matter if you sing really well or terribly, come and have fun with our Karaoke. It’s one of our most popular events and many people that come, after a few beers, know how to appreciate a lot more the art of those who go up on stage.




Sexy dance…and when we say sexy, we mean it! And fun, entertaining, original… our Sexy Dance Show group is worth it. We really recommend it if you want to see a different show that you will love and that will raise the temperature.




Do you speak Spanish? Not really? Well, this is a good opportunity to learn a little bit of Spanish. You won’t be Cervantes at the end of the lesson, but we guarantee you that you’ll learn enough to survive the City.




For this activity we´ll take you o the outskirts of Madrid. This would be a unique opportunity to enjoy a day in the nature and make a picnic lunch. You are not here just for the urban jungle, right?

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